Link Computer Corporation was part of the original “IBM Business Partner Program” that started in 1985. Our longevity as a Business Partner enables us to address customer’s system needs whether they relate to older “legacy” systems or opportunities with the new Power8 and Power9 systems.

We are a “Gold Certified Partner” and offer a comprehensive set of services to our customers.

Link’s expert staff will research your needs and configure different options to meet your business requirements. We provide complete solutions by providing printing solutions, storage solutions, power conditioning and/or other peripheral needs.

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IBM Power Systems

Whether you need a new system, a system upgrade or updates to your system software – Link will provide the best solution and ensure it is installed and running successfully.  We do the research to give you options to meet your needs.

IBM Storage

IBM storage is second to none. Link can design an IBM storage solution to meet all of your storage needs and integrate it to other network systems. IBM storage scales from small to large solutions so we can match your current requirements or plan for future growth.


Power systems offer the virtualization benefits that are available in other server options. Link engineers can virtualize your system to meet your business needs and help control your budget as your system requirements grow.

Backup Strategies and High-Availability

A comprehensive “Back-Up” stratey is critical in the current environment of ever increasing data and the corresponding increase in attacks and security threats. Certain organization cannot afford the cost of downtime so, they need a “High Availability” solution. Link has a strong track record of helping clients protect their business data and/or keep their systems running. We have the skills and the solution partners to propose an affordable option.

Disaster Recovery

Every business needs a good “Disaster Recovery” plan. Link offers its own data center resources as DR options for its customers. Link offers a three-year DR contract which provides for annual testing of the DR process, along with engineering assistance from Link as needed.

Hosting for Power Systems

Link can host your system or applications in its data center. Eliminate your daily systems administration tasks and let Link keep your system running smoothly. Or, if you have an application(s) that you want to host, Link can do it.

Software Solutions

Link offers various software solutions that run on Power systems or can be set up as a hosted solution. The solutions include ERP, Document Imaging, Security, High Availability, Accounting, and more. Contact us for a demonstration.

Printer Solutions

Printing capabilities are critical to business operations. Link offers a range of printers from low-end office printers to high-end production printers. We can even handle specialty printers for bar codes or other specialized applications.  We only offer proven printing solutions.

Engineering Resources

Link has more than 30 years of service experience with power systems and can work with all generations of the systems. Our engineers can work on large or small projects, provide on-call assistance, or can provide remote assistance. We work with you to meet your needs. Don’t take chances with your systems by working with inexperienced engineers — call Link!

Comprehensive Network Support

Business networks typically include a variety of servers or computing platforms (e.g. Windows, Linux, Power, etc). Link is truly unique because it has engineers with knowledge of the various platforms. This allows us to meet our clients’ needs so they don’t have to engage multiple vendors. With over 100 professionals on staff, Link offers broader and deeper skills sets compared to our competitors.